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DIY Twine Holder

I wanted to have my twine sitting on my craft table so it was easily accessible, but wanted to have it look nice at the same time. They do sell fancy twine holders, but I am a crafter and thought I can make my own!! I started playing around with some things I had in my craft room on hand and came up with a super cute twine holder! Come see how I made this EASY DIY twine holder! You’ll want to make one too, it is that easy!


Small Wooden Round (Michaels)

Wooden Dowel 3/8″

Acorn Dowel Caps 3/8″ (Hobby Lobby)

Drill & Drill Bit (size of your dowel)

Paint (color of your choice)

** You are going to want to make sure the dowel you buy fits the acorn dowel caps.**

First, I marked the center of my wooden plaque with a pencil. Next I drilled my hole and then cut my dowel to the height I wanted it. I took the twine roll and help it up to the dowel for size and cut a bit above the height of it. Then I put some wood glue into the hole I drilled and pushed my dowel in.

Second, I used these acorn dowel caps I got at Hobby Lobby to place at the top with some wood glue.

Finally, I painted my twine holder with some chalk paint and then I distressed it with some brown wax. All done, just add your roll of twine! I just love how easy this project was! You can paint it whatever color you choose, you can distress it if you want or not. The best part of this project is you can make it your own, to match your crafting area!

How ADORABLE is this?! I know it is just a twine holder, but I love it!!

Do you love it? Will you be making you own DIY twine holder? I love a super simple project, especially when it solves a problem at the same time!

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