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DIY Valentine Shelf Sitter

Valentines Day is just about a month away, so time is ticking to get all those cute little crafts done. I found these cute little wooden hearts at Dollar Tree and knew that I could turn them into something super adorable. Follow along with me for a DIY Valentine Shelf Sitter.


Scrap Wood Square

Wooden Heart- Dollar Tree



Paints- Red, Aquas, Lime Green, White, Gold

I started off by dry brushing the piece of scrap wood. I used both the lime green and the 2 different shades of aqua paint.

Next I painted the wooden heart with my red paint. I made sure to completely cover the entire thing. Once it was covered I dry brushed some gold paint on top of the heart, just a little not going overboard with the gold.

Once the paint on both the wood and the heart was dried I attached the heart to the center of the wood with hot glue.

Now add some white dots around the heart to add some fun to the craft. I do the dots with the handle side of a paint brush.

Finally I added a bow ribbon and a little button to the top center of the heart. This project was so simple and I really enjoyed making it. This would look so cute on a shelf or the counter to add some love for Valentines Day. Do you think you will make a DIY Valentine Shelf Sitter?

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