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DIY Vintage Style Christmas Star Ornament

I love the Christmas season and creating for it puts me right in the holiday spirit! When Christmas rolls around I can’t wait to get the crafts going! There’s nothing I enjoy more than crafting for Christmas and bring that joy out in my crafts! I hope you enjoy this DIY Vintage Style Christmas Star Ornament and give one a try too!


Dollar Tree Wood Star
Music Scrapbook Paper – Hobby Lobby
Poinsettia Flower & Leaf 
Antique Wax- Hobby Lobby
Rub & Buff – Hobby Lobby

First, I used the Antique Wax around the edges of the star.

Second, I used Mod Podge to cover the star with the music scrapbook paper. I then sanded off the extra paper around the edges.

Third, I added another coat of the Mod Podge around the edge of the star and over the edge of the scrapbook paper.

Fourth, I cut a section of twine and wrapped it around the star securing it around the back with a knot.

Fifth, I hot glued the poinsettia flower and leaf on top of the twine.

Finally, I used the Rub and Buff around the edges to create that gold look. I also added a piece of twine into the top through the hole to create a hanger.

Here is the final result, what do you think? I love how this turned out, and I think I may just hang it on my door for this holiday season! This DIY Vintage Style Christmas Star Ornament was a blast to make and was fairly simple to put together! I’m hoping you liked it enough to try to make one of your own! What do you think, will you make one?

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  1. Deborah Bourgeois says:

    Hello: Just wanted to know if the dollar tree stars are the large ones? Or small ones tree ornament size?
    thanks, Deb.

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