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DIY Vintage Tart Tin Ornament

Having some vintage ornaments on the Christmas tree always brightens it up a little bit extra in my opinion. I especially love when they are homemade ornaments, I always get so excited to take all my ornaments out and remember what was on the tree the year before. With all the crafting constantly going on there are always a few ornaments that I forget about. Follow along with me and learn this DIY Vintage Tart Tin Ornament.


Vintage Tart Tin

Mini Tree

Faux Snow

Fine Glitter

Antique White Paint

Silver Pipe Cleaner


Winter Scrapbook Paper Cut Out

Hot Glue

The first step in this DIY is to make a small hole at the top of the tart tin. This can be done using a small drill bit. Then we are going to paint the inside of your Vintage Tart Tin with your Antique White Paint. Make sure to completely cover the inside of the tin, this could take a couple coats, you are going to want to let the paint dry in between coats.

Once your paint has dried you are going to attach your scrapbook paper cut out using Mod Podge. You can use whatever you would like for a cut out.

Then I added a mini snowflake to my tart tin. I placed this next to my scrapbook cut out and secured it using hot glue.

Now we are going to cover the entire inside of the tart tin with Mod Podge.

While the Mod Podge is still wet cover the inside of the tart tin with glitter. Let dry before moving to the next step.

Once the Mod Podge has dried your glitter into place, grab your mini tree. Using the hot glue gun attach the tree to the bottom inside rim of the tart tin.

Once you have attached your mini tree add some fake snow around the bottom of it. This is going to be held into place using hot glue.

Finally we are going to add our pipe cleaner hanger through the hole at the top of the tart tin. This makes us able to be able to hang this either on our tree or any other place we would like.

This ornament came out so beautiful, it for sure brightens up the tree. I enjoyed making this one a lot and really love the end result. Do you think you will make a DIY Vintage Tart Tin Ornament?

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