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DIY Vintage Valentines Boxes

Now that the New Year is here and most of us have gotten our Christmas decorations and crafts put away let’s start looking into some Valentines Day crafts. Having some cute little hearts around the house always brightens things up, not to mention that they can be used all year long. Follow along with me for some DIY Vintage Valentines Boxes.


Cardboard Heart Boxes

Paints: Maroon, Antique White, Brown Wax

Stencils: One is from Dollar Tree and I believe the other is from Wal Mart

I started off by painting the top and the bottom of one box with the antique white and the outside of the top with the maroon. I painted the other box opposite of the first one.

Next take the stencils that you chose and use one stencil with antique white on top of the maroon heart. The other heart use your maroon paint with your stencil across the top of the antique white heart.

Once you have them all painted, I took some brown wax on a baby wipe and applied it to the box. You don’t have to do this part; I was going for a vintage aged look.

These little boxes came out so cute, you could use them displayed in any room of the house, or you could use it to give a gift in or to keep some little trinkets safe. I love how these came out and how vintage they look. Do you think you will make some DIY Vintage Valentines Boxes?

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