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DIY Witch Broom

I absolutely love the Fall! We had a big storm last week where a whole mess of sticks fell into my yard. While I was out picking up all this debris, I had a handful of sticks and my hand, looked down and thought wow that looks like a witch’s broom. I gathered up a few more, found a large stick for the broom handle and I got to work! This DIY Witch Broom cost next to nothing to make and most anyone could find sticks around their yard or neighborhood. I hope you give one a try for yourself!


Sticks – My Yard
Hot Glue

First, I gathered a bunch of fallen sticks around my yard, bunched them together and cut them to make them somewhat even.

Second, I found a long stick that was bent just a little in some spots that looked like it would be a good broom handle, and cut it to a good length. After I bunched the smaller sticks around the bottom of the stick handle and wrapped it with twine.

Finally, I drizzled hot glue down the inside of the smaller branches above the twine to give it added stability.

Here is my DIY Witch broom, made out of almost all things from my yard! What do you think? I love this, it was so, so simple to make and anyone could do this. Maybe I should just make a few more and give them to a few people with all the sticks I collected from that storm we had. It was a blast to create this DIY Witch Broom especially when it cost only pennies to make. I really hope you give one of these a try too!

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