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DIY Witch Moon Spool

I’m back with Halloween crafting! I love this time of year, there are so many fun and exciting things that can be made for Halloween! When I found this Witch wood cutout at the Dollar Tree I knew I had to come up with something to make with her! I hope you enjoy this DIY Witch Moon Spool and give one a try too!


Wooden Spool
Wood Circle
Witch Wood Cutout – Dollar Tree
Scrapbook Paper
Paper Straw
Bat Button
Chenille Stems- Black and Orange 
Paint- Black, White 
Faux Gem

First, I painted the wooden spool black and the wooden circle white.

Second, once the wooden spool was dry, I cut out a piece of the Halloween scrapbook paper to fit the center of the spool and used Mod Podge to secure it on. I then stuck the black and white paper straw into the hole at the top of the spool.

Third, I centered the wooden witch cutout on the wooden circle and then hot glued her down.

Fourth, I centered the top of the paper straw on the back of the wooden circle, and then I hot glued it down.

Fifth, I used black Chenille stems around the outer edge of the moon securing it with hot glue. I then made a bow from the polka dot ribbon and used another piece of the Chenille stem to hold the bow together. Once that was done I hot glued the bow to the base of the moon at the top of the straw.

Sixth, I used a piece of the orange Chenille stem around the base of the paper straw, at the top of the spool.

Finally, I hot glued on one of the bat buttons to the straw.

Here it is all finished, what do you think? I really like how this came out! It’s fun, yet super simple but still looks super cute. I love to make things for Halloween and this DIY Witch Moon Spool was a blast to put together! Do you think you’ll try and make one too?

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