DIY Witches Cauldron

I always see these little witches cauldrons at the Dollar Tree and I can never put my finger on exactly how to make them into something fun. Well I finally came up with a super cool idea. Using some Christmas decorations for Halloween was exactly the way to go on this one. Follow along with me for a DIY Witches Cauldron.


Witch Cauldron- I got mine at a Thrift Store

Green Christmas Bulbs, large and small- Dollar Tree


Plastic Bags

Start out by filling the cauldron with plastic bags

Next flip the cauldron upside down onto the cardboard and trace out a circle.

Cut out the circle and place it inside of the cauldron on top of the plastic bags

Paint the cardboard with black paint

Now start gluing your different sized Christmas bulbs, or “bubbles” onto the top of the cauldron

This was a super easy and inexpensive project. It came out adorable and would look great inside or out with your other Halloween decorations. Do you think you will make a DIY Witches Cauldron?

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