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DIY Wooden Snowman

Having a Snowman in the house that can’t melt is always an awesome thing. Especially when you get to decorate them however you would like to fit in with your own personal Christmas theme. Follow along with me for this DIY Wooden Snowman.


Wooden Snowman- Target

Snowflake Stencil


Mod Podge

Silver Buttons

Fabric Strip

Wooden Coffee Stirrers (hat brim)

Aluminum Cookie Sheet (nose)- Dollar Tree

Paints- Black, White, Carrots

Wood Glue

Hot Glue

We are going to start by painting the hat and the base of the Snowman with our black acrylic paint. The body of the Snowman is going to be painted white. This could take 2 coats of paint to fully cover the bare wood.

Next take 6 of your wooden coffee stirrers and stick them together in sets of 2 using a few drops of wood glue.

After the Mod Podge has dried paint the coffee stirrers with your black paint and attach them to the bottom of the hat for a brim using wood glue.

Once the stirrers are attached to the snowman, cover the white area of the snowmans body with your Mod Podge.

While the Mod Podge is still wet, cover with glitter over the entire wet area.

Now using your white paint and snowflake stencil, paint some different sized snowflakes onto the hat of the snowman.

Next attach 3 silver buttons to the body of the snowman, also cut out a piece of the aluminum cookie sheet for the snowmans nose and paint orange, this will be attached with hot glue as well. During this step you can tie your fabric strip around the neck of the snowman.

This guy was fun to make and he came out adorable. I had such a fun time making him and he would look so cute as a cocoa bar accent, or placed on a hutch or counter. Do you think you will make a DIY Wooden Snowman?

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