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Dollar Tree Bottle Cap Stand

Dollar Tree got all this SUPER cute tin stuff for crafting and it lasted in the store for about 12 hours and it was gone…not even kidding! I was able to grab a couple of each thing and went to get more later that day and it was gone. Lesson learned buy what you need when you see it! However they have been trickling it back into stores, which is a chance for us all to get some. Any-who, story time is over, let’s craft! I grabbed a couple of the bottle caps and here is one DIY I did with them! Check out My Dollar Tree Bottle Cap Stand!


Dollar Tree Metal Bottle Cap

Dollar Tree Glass Candlestick

(you can find these at almost any thrift store too)

Target Dollar Spot Stencil

(or any stencil you choose)

Chalk Paint -White

Acrylic Paint- Burgundy, Antique Gold, Celery Green

Mod Podge

Dot Stickers- Dollar Tree

E600 Glue

First, remove your hanger from the bottle cap, then take your stickers and put them in between each space on your bottle cap. This is both decorate and functional, one it will cover the holes from the hanger and it also gives it a fun look.

Second, glue your cap to your candlestick. I used a mix of E6000 and hot glue, E6000 for a permanent hold and hot glue so I could have an instant hold to begin my project.

Third, use your white chalk paint and give it a couple to three coats of paint until it is fully covered.

Step four, stencil on your design. I used the antique gold for the flowers, celery green for leaves, and burgundy for the berries. When I was done stenciling I used a small paint brush to fill in the stenciling to give it a more finished look. I also added a small burgundy dot to the center of all the flowers.

Finally, I added a coat of satin Mod Podge to seal it! All done!!

I love how this turned out! So super cute and can be used all year round, the colors I used are so versatile! You can add a battery candle like I did above or a pumpkin as I did below!

ADORABLE!! Do you think you’ll try making a Dollar Tree Bottle Cap Stand?

If you enjoyed this project check out more DIY’s below & DIY videos on social media!



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