One of the first things I think of when I think of Easter is bunnies, which to me goes hand in hand with carrots. So when I was poking around the Dollar Tree a couple weeks ago I saw these cute little mini bunnies. I wasn’t completely sure what I was going to do with the little guy but I knew I could turn him into something adorable. Follow along with me for a DIY Dollar Tree Bunny Carrot.


Dollar Tree Carrot- Left Over from the Jumping Bunny DIY

Jumping Bunny Here

Dollar Tree Sign

Dollar Tree Mini Bunny

Scrapbook Paper


Burlap Ribbon

Fabric and Ribbon Scrap

Fabric Tag


Alphabet Stamps

Brown Antique Wax


First start out by tracing the carrot onto the scrapbook paper. Don’t include the green top. Cut out once traced.

Attach the scrapbook paper to the carrot using some Mod Podge. Take your Dollar Tree Sign with your white paint. Use two coats if necessary.

Once the paint dries, use a small amount of hot glue and attach your burlap ribbon to the center of the wooden sign.

Now attach your greenery to the top of the carrot using hot glue. Take your twine and wrap around the bottom of the greenery. I also added some brown antique wax to the carrot.

Now using hot glue attach the carrot to the center of the wooden sign on top of the burlap ribbon. Here i also added some brown antique wax to the edges of the sign.

Now take your fabric tag and bow and glue it just under the greenery, pop a button in the middle of the bow! I made the bow by gathering fabric and ribbon and tie it in the center and sprayed it with a coffee mixture. The tag is a fabric tag I coffee dyed and stamped the letters on.

Finally, I added the mini bunny from Dollar Tree, I thought it needed just one more thing! It worked out perfectly. I painted the bunny to match the sign and also used some brown antique wax on the edges.

It is all finished!! I think this turned out so ABSOLUTELY adorable!! I am so glad I saved the carrots from the jumping bunny project; I knew I could make another project with one! Do you think you’ll make a Dollar Tree Bunny Carrot?

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