Dollar Tree Bunny Eggs

I always hear everyone say they can’t find the things I use in my crafts at their Dollar Tree, well this one just may be different. I’ve seen more plastic eggs at Dollar Tree than any other spring and Easter decoration. I found these super cute plastic bunny eggs, and decided to make them into cute bunny bowl fillers. So let’s make some Dollar Tree bunny eggs!


Bunny Shaped Eggs

Twine, Yarns in colors of your choice

White Pompoms

Glue Gun

First, take your twine or twine and wrap it around your egg. Gluing as you go around every few wraps. This part can take a bit, but it goes faster as you get the hang of it.

I repeated the same process with my two yarns I chose. Wrapping them just like I did with the twine. You can choose whatever colors of twine and yarn you want for your bunnies. My bunnies are a little more on the neutral side, which is the look I was going for. You could do them in pink, or purple and other pastels for a brighter look.

Final step I added a white pompom to the back of each bunny! SUPER quick and easy DIY, and they turn out so adorable!

Look at those adorable bunny butt eggs! Ahhhh soooo CUTE!!

I added them to my milk glass dish with a little grass, and the Dollar Tree carrots. It just looks so perfect! Who knew Dollar Tree plastic eggs could look so nice!

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  1. Brilliant! And so cute.

  2. I absolutely love this site.

  3. Michelle LaBrie says:

    Is the charcoal bunny a wool yarn?

  4. Debbie Barcelona says:

    These are very difficult to make

  5. What do you use for the ears? Their so adorable.

  6. Can’t even describe how cute & creative these are!!! Adorable ❤️

  7. What did you use for the carrots?

  8. Kimberly Holland says:

    Oh my goshes I can’t wait to make these this year!!! Love them janice!!

  9. Bobbie Garner says:

    I made these last year and got so many compliments on them! I love how we can turn simple dollar store stuff into super cute decor!

  10. Your crafts are ALWAYS such a wonderful creation!!!! I admire that your workspace is always so clean and the bottles of paint and brushes are not all sloppy with dried paint! I enjoy your page so much!

  11. Jennie L Case says:

    I made these yesterday with my daughter who was home from college – they were so fun and turned out SO cute!! It was nice to make a craft that didn’t require a bunch of items and things that I could find in my local Dollar Tree!

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