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Dollar Tree Bunny Makeover

Dollar Tree has really stepped it up with their craft department and even their decor. However, they do still have some pretty tacky décor. The tinsel décor is pretty ugly and tacky as they are, but with a little handy work you can make them look really cute! This Dollar Tree bunny makeover is just came out amazing and is SUPER easy!


Dollar Tree tinsel bunny head

Chunky yarn (Hobby Lobby)

Scrap fabric of your choice



2 black buttons and a pink one

First step is to get rid of that tinsel, rip it all off! You’ll be left with the plastic form and two cardboard ear cut outs. SAVE those ear cut outs.

Second step, take your chunky yarn and wrap your whole bunny in it. When you get to the ears cut off a little extra and wrap around and glue into place. You don’t really need to glue as you’re wrapping because there is little plastic pieces that hold the yarn for you.

Third step is to take your cardboard ear cut outs and use them as patterns on your fabric and cut them out. Glue those onto the ears and then make a small bow and attach that between the ears, then add your flower to the center of the bow.

Finally add your buttons, two black ones for eyes and pink for the nose.

What a difference! It looks sooo much cuter and less tacky!!

She is so stinkin’ ADORABLE!

What do you think of our Dollar Tree Bunny Makeover? Will you be making one?

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  1. Cute bunny makeover. Adding some whiskers would make it even cuter!

  2. Briggs Bonnie says:

    Absoutely adorable!!!!!!!

  3. Sharon Carty says:

    I’m going to make the Bunnie head. I’m wondering do you really need to remove the tinsel stuff first? Can’t you just put the chunky yarn on top?

  4. beautiful what did you use to fill in ears so pretty

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