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Dollar Tree Candle Apple

While at Dollar Tree the other day I found this super cute candle holder, I loved the shape and it smelled great! When I bought it I really planned on using it for its actual purpose, but as a creator that didn’t happen! This was a fun and easy project, and cute for Fall and back to school! Follow along and see how to make this Dollar Tree candle apple!


Dollar Tree Candle

Drawer Knob

Green Leaf

Red Paint (I used Imperial Red Chalk Paint)

Glossy Mod Podge

Glue Gun

First, I flipped the candle upside down. Then painted the whole thing red. I left the candle right inside, I figured it would have another purpose and my apple would smell good! You could use the candle first and then create this project if you wanted to.

Second step, once the red was dry I gave it a good coat of the gloss Mod Podge. This was for two reasons, one was to protect it and also to make it shiny like an apple! It worked great! I love how shiny it is now!

Finally I used my glue gun to attach my knob and one leaf one the side of the knob. That is it, all done!

How absolutely ADORABLE is this?! It is perfect! This would be great in a Fall tier tray or even as a cute teacher gift!

I just love it! It was so fun to make and so EASY!! Will you be making a Dollar Tree Candle Apple?

If you enjoyed this DIY check out more below!



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