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Dollar Tree Candle Pumpkin Makeover

If you’re like me then you love having candles throughout the house. Being able to match holidays and seasons to different scents and candle holders is always something that ties all of the decor together. So seeing as fall is literally days away I figured why not start including some Pumpkins around the house. I was at Dollar Tree, my second home LOL, and spotted this little ceramic pumpkin candle. I knew that I could make something awesome out of it. Follow along with me for a Dollar Tree Candle Pumpkin Makeover.


Candle- Dollar Tree

Leaves- Hobby Lobby

Stick- Small piece for stem

Orange Paint



Spanish Moss

Brown Wax

Start by painting the candle holder with your orange paint. This will take 2 coats to cover completely.

Once your orange paint has completely dried go ahead and cover over the pumpkin with a coat of brown wax. This gives your candle holder an aged look.

After your coat of brown wax has dried we are going to attach your stick. The stick will be used as the pumpkin stem and attached with hot glue in the center top of the candle holder.

Again using a small amount of hot glue add some of the Spanish moss around the pumpkin stem.

Next using hot glue yet again place a leaf in front of the pumpkin stem and attach it to the stem. Feel free to use more than one leaf if you would like. I personally liked the look of one leaf.

Now using your raffia make a small bow to add to the candle holder. I placed mine at the bottom of the pumpkin stem and attached it with hot glue.

Finally attach your button to the center of your raffia bow using hot glue to hold in place.

This project came out so cute, and not to mention it was super easy. I love that it can be nestled into any fall display and will make your house smell great. Being able to put this in any room of the house is also a huge plus. You could make multiple different colors and have a little candle pumpkin patch. Do you think you will make a Dollar Tree Candle Pumpkin Makeover?

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