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Dollar Tree Chippy Halloween Bat

All the Halloween stuff is coming out at Dollar Tree and I grabbed some of the wooden cut-outs, they are so fun to create with, so many possibilities! I grabbed the bat because I had a project in mind for him. I had seen a super cute wooden bat on a website for sale somewhere on the internet, think I could remember where…nope lol. Anyway, I knew what the general idea of it was and I knew I wanted mine to be rustic and have chippy paint, so when I got home I got to work. Come follow along as we make this Dollar Tree Chippy Halloween Bat!


Dollar Tree Wooden Bat

Small Square of Scrap Wood


Drill Bit (Size of dowel)

Metal or Plastic Scraper

Acrylic Paint or Chalk in Black and White


Spackling (Dollar Tree)

Black and White Ribbon

Step One, drill a hole into your scrap wood base, and use some wood glue or hot glue to hold it.

Step 2, this is optional. I usually fill in the holes on these wood cut outs if I won’t be using a hanger. Grab some sparkling from Dollar Tree and use it to fill the holes.

Third, paint everything black!

Fourth, take your Vaseline and add it to your bat, in random places. This will make it so the paint won’t stick in those places.

Fifth step, add a coat of white paint a really thick coat. When doing this try not to do too many strokes, and only run the brush one way.

Sixth step, once the paint is dry but not fully, use a scrapper and scrap off all the excess paint. Do this until you like the. way it looks. Let it fully dry now, you can use a heat gun or blow dryer to do so.

Seventh Step, Hot glue your bat to the dowel. I used a large amount to make sure it was secure.

Finally, I added a bow using some black and white ribbon right under the bat on the dowel.

I LOVE how this turned out! So cute, simple and rustic! It would go great with any Halloween Decor, whether you do the traditional Halloween colors or just simple black and white. Do you think you’ll try and make this Dollar Tree Chippy Halloween Bat?

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