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Dollar Tree DIY Flower Stepping Stones

I saw this Dollar Tree DIY Flower Stepping Stones idea on Pinterest a while ago and figured I would try my hand at it! Well, I tried it out and decided I loved it so much I would show everyone else how to do it in a DIY video, because I am hoping to inspire you! I’m hoping you’ll be inspired enough to make your own too! =)


1- getting your concrete form from the Dollar Tree, which is just a plastic vegetable platter.

2- start by mixing your concrete, and pouring it into your platter. I used cooking spray on the platter before pouring in the concrete to ensure it wouldn’t stick. I filled each individual opening which made each piece individual, you can however fill the whole platter and it will make a one piece stone.

3- let it dry, at least overnight and then I removed the pieces and let the dry outside of the form for another 24 hours.

4- get creative, paint them any way you’d like! I used acrylic paint and then sealed them with an outdoor sealer. The I placed them in my gardens. I did each flower a different theme.


Here is a few of the ideas of different painting styles you can do! The ones I painted are all different styles in each of my gardens, I chose to to paint them to match each one.


There are so many painting possibilities! You can be creative and make them all your own!

Hope you enjoy making these Dollar Tree DIY Flower Stepping Stones!

The DIY video is available at My Facebook page! You can find that here!

Check us out on YouTube, click the image below!

If you make these, I would LOVE if you’d come share them with us! We have a Facebook Group for our followers to share their creations! **Group Link**

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  1. I LOVE this idea. Cute & easy!

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