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Dollar Tree Easter Cloche

Easter is clearly geared towards children, with the baskets and candy and of course the Bunny himself, but who says us adults can’t enjoy the holiday as well. This “fancy” little craft is right up the adults alley. Follow along with me for a Dollar Tree Easter Cloche.


Dollar Tree Styrofoam Mini Bunny

Dollar Tree Candle Holder

Tissue Paper


Mod Podge


We are going to start by covering the styrofoam mini bunny with our Mod Podge

Next wrap and lay your tissue paper around your mini bunny. You are going to press it into the curves of the bunny with your paint brush or lightly with your fingers. Follow these steps for both sides of the bunny.

Next take your ribbon and tie it around the neck of your bunny

Now take your candle holder and fill it with a small amount of moss. You can use a small amount of hot glue to hold this into place if you prefer.

Once the moss is in place take the votive to your candle holder and place it back on the base.

Finally place your bunny inside the candle holder and your DIY is complete.

This came out so pretty and it was very enjoyable to put together. It would look super cute on a shelf with some other Easter decorations or even at place settings for Easter dinner. Do you think you will make a Dollar Tree Easter Cloche?

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