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Dollar Tree Easter Vignette

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays since I was young. The excitement of waking up to that big basket all wrapped up in the colorful cellophane made it super hard to fall asleep the night before. So with the arrival of the Bunny only a few short weeks away lets start crafting for the occasion. Follow along with me for a Dollar Tree Easter Vignette DIY.


Dollar Tree Supplies:

Moss Bunnies


2 Mini Clay Pots

Spanish Moss

Reindeer Moss

Wood Plaque

Floral Foam


Wooden Spools

Other Supplies:

Scrapbook Paper- Hobby Lobby

Small Grapevine Wreath- Hobby Lobby

White Chalk Paint

Mod Podge

Hot Glue

Step 1: Start by painting your mini clay pots, wooden spools and wooden plaque with the white chalk paint. Make sure to completely cover, this could take 2 coats.

Step 2: Once the paint is dry, grab your scrapbook paper. Using the wooden plaque trace out the flat surface onto the paper. Cut out what you traced and attach it to the plaque using Mod Podge.

Step 3: Using your hot glue, attach your 4 wooden spools to the back of the wooden plaque in the corners. This will make the plaque look like a little table.

Step 4: Take one of the mini clay pots and put a small square of your floral foam inside. Then take a small bead of hot glue around the rim of the pot and attach your small grapevine wreath.

Step 5: Once the glue that was used to attach the grapevine wreath has dried, we are going to add a small amount of Spanish moss. This will be attached to the floral foam using a small amount of hot glue.

Step 6: Now grab your Moss Bunny and place in the center of the mini clay pot. The bunny is going to be attached with another small amount of hot glue. I also added a small amount of reindeer moss in front of the bunny.

With my other mini clay pot, I followed the same steps. I skipped the grapevine wreath, and instead of using the moss bunny, I added some super cute carrots.

Finally I added some twine bows to the pots by simply tying them around the top. I then placed them on top of my little “table” that I made out of the wooden plaque.

This little project came out so super cute, and I really enjoyed putting it together. It would look absolutely adorable on a hutch or sitting on a kitchen counter. Do you think you will make a Dollar Tree Easter Vignette?

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  1. Roxanne Burton says:

    All so very very cute..

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