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Dollar Tree Fall Mason Jar

My Dollar Tree had the metal craft items for less than 12 hours before they sold out, I just happened upon them and grabbed a couple of each. One of the things I grabbed was was the metal mason jars, they stand on like a mini wooden stand, super cute! I knew I wanted to do something Fall related with one and Christmas with the other I got. Here is what I came up with for Fall! I am also using the Mod Podge iron method and showing you how to do it! Come see this Dollar Tree Fall Mason Jar.


Dollar Tree Metal Mason Jar

Fall Napkin (Christmas Tree Shop)


Acrylic Paint In A Cream Or White

Twine Flower, I made

Mod Podge


Parchment Paper

First, I painted the jar in the cream colored acrylic paint and let it fully dry. I painted it so that the metal color wouldn’t show through the napkin. Once the paint had dried I put a layer of Mod Podge on and let that fully dry also.

Second, once the Mod Podge is dry, pull apart your napkin layers, and lay your napkin where you want it on the jar. Next place a piece of parchment paper down onto of the napkin, using your iron on a lower heat setting NOT STEAM iron all over the napkin and where it needs to stick. The heat from the iron will reactivate the Mod Podge and make it stick to the napkin. Once it is stuck pull of the parchment paper and allow it to cool.

Third step, using sandpaper and a nail file for the smaller areas sand off all the excess napkin. Then I painted the base in the golden yellow acrylic paint.

Finally I wrapped some twine around the neck of the mason jar and glued it into place. Then added my twine flower. This DIY is DONE!

This Dollar Tree Fall Mason Jar turned out ADORABLE!! I love it!

Do you think you’ll be making one?

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  1. Tina Hunter says:

    Beautiful love your decor

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