I was in Dollar Tree the other day…who am I kidding I am in there everyday lol! Any-who! I grabbed another box of those little tumbling tower blocks and some of the wooden Christmas cut outs, the trees, snowflakes and a pack of those mini trucks ornaments. I had some left over little cut-outs from Joann’s Fabrics from last year so I used those too! An idea was being born, Dollar Tree Farmhouse Ornaments!! These can be made using any little wooden cut-outs, and even the large Jenga blocks from the real game. Be creative make them your own! =)

First thing is first, I took apart the truck. I scraped off the glitter, took off the wire hanger and got rid of the tree, extreme right?? It was kind of cute as it was, but I wanted different! I have seen soooooooo many red trucks, so we are painting this one white! I took some spackling from Dollar Tree and filled the two holes from the hanger. Once that was dry I painted it all white, then painted the wheels black with a gray middle. Personally I think it looks GREAT in white!

What do you think?

While my truck was drying I painted all my other wooden pieces, using the same white paint from the truck. They all now have a uniform look and look more farmhouse inspired.

Once they dried I figured out how many tumbling blocks I would need per cut-out, and glued them together using Gorilla wood glue. You only need a VERY small amount of glue, if it oozes out the cracks, wipe it off with a damp rag.

When they dry and it literally took just a few mins, I used a blow dryer to speed it up, I am a super impatient crafter haha! I took the brown wax and covered all sides of the blocks, I even did the back. I like things to have a finished look. Don’t forget to wipe off the excess, when applying the wax. You can use a blow dryer to speed up the drying here too! Once dry, use hot glue and glue your cut-outs to each of the blocks.

YIKES!! How cute are these already!! Now to add a hanger, grab some twine cut a piece however long you want your hanger to be and hot glue it to the back. You can use ribbon if you choose to, they would be cute with buffalo check ribbon too!


How stinking cute!! I can not wait to hang them on my tree!! <3

Will you be making some Dollar Tree Farmhouse Ornaments?

I think the truck one is my favorite, it doesn’t even look like the same truck!! It doesn’t look like some cheap looking plastic truck anymore! Do you like the truck better in red or white?

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