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Dollar Tree Farmhouse Pumpkin

Who doesn’t love decorating with pumpkins for Fall and Halloween? I know that I do! I especially love making them over to fit in with the decor that I already have decorated with. Follow me and learn how to make your own Dollar Tree Farmhouse Pumpkin.


Dollar Tree Foam Pumpkin

Farmhouse Fabric- Wal Mart

White Paint

Spanish Moss



Hot Glue

We are going to start this project by cutting a hole into the top of the pumpkin and removing the stem. Once that is done we are going to paint the entire pumpkin white. This could take 2 coats.

Once the paint on the pumpkin is dry we are going to take our Farmhouse Fabric and wrap it around the pumpkin. Making sure to pull the fabric tight and stuffing the excess into the hole that we cut out in step 1.

Next we are going to take our stick and put it into the hole at the top of the pumpkin, you are going to use hot glue to secure the stem into the hole. This also will help hold the fabric in place.

Once you have the stem in place, take a small amount of Spanish Moss and attach it around the stem using hot glue.

Finally in the front of the pumpkin we are going to glue the ribbon to the stem at the top of the pumpkin.

I absolutely adore how this pumpkin came out it is so cute! I can’t wait to nestle it into my Fall decor at home. It was so simple to make and I had a lot of fun making it. Do you think you will make a Dollar Tree Farmhouse Pumpkin?

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  1. Maybe I missed it somewhere, can you please share about how much material you used? Thank you!!!

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