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Dollar Tree Gnome Makeover

Dollar Tree always has these cute little garden gnomes every year, I have a few in the garden they are cute! I always wanted to try my hand at giving one a makeover into a leprechaun. This was so much fun and was super easy to do, just grabbed some acrylic paint and got to work! He looks like a whole different gnome. Scroll down to see this Dollar Tree gnome makeover!

Here is the gnome I got for the makeover. A list of the paints I used is below.

  • White
  • Black
  • English Lace (flesh color)
  • Orange Spice
  • Arbor Green
  • Black Green
  • Antique Gold
  • Magenta

For almost all of this makeover I used a very small detail brush, a little bit bigger brush for larger parts of the gnome.

Paint his hat and coat with the Arbor Green

Paint his pants with the black green. Then paint his belt and boots black, then the belt buckle antique gold.

Using the english lace paint his face, ears, hands and inside of mouth.

Next paint his beard with the orange spice and then dot his eyes with the black, Here you can also add some magenta to his cheeks and inside of his mouth.

Here is where you can paint a shamrock on his hat with the white, this is optional.

Final step is to seal him. This sealer is from Hobby Lobby and is just applied with a paint brush. It dries super quick too! All done!!

WOW, what a difference a little paint can make!! I LOVE him, he is so adorable! He doesn’t even look like the same gnome!

He is the perfect addition to My St. Patrick’s Day tier stand!

Hope you enjoyed this Dollar Tree Gnome Makeover, I hope it inspires you to makeover one for yourself!

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