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Dollar Tree Gnome Shadow Box

Gnomes are always super cute to incorporate into any seasonal decor, so when I found these Gnome Stickers at, you guessed it, Dollar Tree I couldn’t resist grabbing them to make a fun project. Not to mention my little helper wanted to help “Gammie” use them up right away, and I could never tell such a little cutie no. Follow along with me and my handsome little grandson to learn how to make your own Dollar Tree Gnome Shadow Box.


Shadow Box- Dollar Tree

Gnome Stickers- Dollar Tree

Scrapbook Paper- Hobby Lobby

Brown Wax- Hobby Lobby

Mod Podge

We started this project out by covering the entire Shadow Box with Brown Wax.

Next week took the scrapbook paper and cut it into squares the size of the sections of the shadow box.

Then my handsome little helper, with a teeny bit of assistance, covered the squares of the shadow box with Mod Podge.

Next we attached the scrapbook paper squares to the shadow box, and my handy helper used a low heat, heat gun, with “Gammie” supervision to dry the glue. He just didn’t have the patience to wait for the glue to dry on its own.

Next we added are cute little gnomes to the shadow box, and they brought the entire project together. You can place the Gnome stickers however you would like in your shadow box.

My little buddy and myself loved how this cute little project came out. It was super easy to put together and fits in just right with my other Fall decorations. I hope you have just as much fun trying this project out for yourself. Do you think you will make your own Dollar Tree Gnome Shadow Box?

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