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Dollar Tree Halloween Sign

I love finding things at…you guessed it Dollar Tree, and being able to switch them up to go with the upcoming Holiday or season. So when I saw this cute little sign I knew I could have some fun changing it up into something super cute for Halloween. Follow along with me and learn how to make your own Dollar Tree Halloween Sign.


Dollar Tree Sign- Glass and Glitter

Dollar Tree Halloween Rub on Transfer

Scrapbook Paper- Hobby Lobby

Glue Stick


First step of this project is to take apart the Dollar Tree Sign. When you do this make sure to save your glitter and set aside for later. You will be using this in a later step.

Once you have the sign taken apart you are going to remove the lettering from the glass. This is where I used my razor blade. It came of easily using this method.

After I got the paint off of the glass, I applied my Dollar Tree Halloween Rub on Transfer to the glass. I did this from the same side of the glass that I scraped the paint off of and centered it the best that I could. You can place the Rub on wherever you would like on the glass.

Next we are going to take the back of the sign that we took off in step 1 and measure our scrapbook paper to the size of the square. Use your glue stick to attach the paper to the backing.

Take the glitter that you set aside earlier and pour it into the sign. Once the glitter is back in the sign and the glue on the scrapbook paper has dried, its time to put the back onto the sign. Now that you’ve put the sign back together you’re project is complete.

This sign came out so adorable and I had a fun time putting it together. Finding inexpensive materials that I can make quick easy crafts out of is always a good time. Do you think you will make a Dollar Tree Halloween Sign?

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