Dollar Tree had these super cute mini wooden pallets. With Fall right around the corner I knew I could turn them into something awesome. These are pretty simple to make, and look great! Lets make a Dollar Tree Happy Fall Pallet!


Dollar Tree Mini Pallet

Hobby Lobby Scrapbook Paper

Small Wooden Round (Hobby Lobby)


Brown Wax

Hello Fall Wood Cut Out (Hobby Lobby)

Hot Glue Gun


Nail File or Sandpaper

Small Piece of Burlap

Mod Podge

Ribbons & Button (Your Choice)

Step One, stain the mini pallet with brown wax. This gives the pallet an aged look, which goes great with Fall decor.

Step Two, cut scrap book paper to size of pallet. Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the pallet to adhere the scrap book paper. Set aside to dry.

Step Three, once the Mod Podge has dried, take your scissors and cut the scrapbook paper between the slats of the mini pallet.

Step Four, take a nail file or piece of sandpaper and gently sand off all of the excess scrap book paper. This gives the outside of the pallet a nice clean look.

Step Five, for this step you will need both your piece of burlap and your small wooden round. Lay the burlap over the small wooden round and cut any excess hanging over off in a circular shape. Set the excess burlap aside we will be using this in a future step.

Step Six, take the ribbon that you have chose and cut them into about 6-inch lengths.

Step Seven, take the ribbons from Step Six and overlap them in a criss cross like pattern. How you choose to arrange the ribbon patterns is completely your choice.

Step Eight, once the ribbons are arranged to your liking, use a piece of the excess burlap to tie the ribbons together so they look like a bow.

Step Nine, attach the round piece of burlap that was cut to your small wooden round. I used my hot glue gun for this step.

Step Ten, once the burlap has dried to the small wooden round we are going to attach it to the pallet. Flip the wooden round over and apply hot glue to the back, then attach it to the pallet so that the bottom of the round is pretty much lined up with the bottom of the pallet.

Step Eleven, grab your Happy Fall Wood Cut Out, attach to your wooden round using your glue gun.

Step Twelve, attach your stick to the top center of your wooden round, this step is also done using the glue gun.

Final Step, take your ribbons that you chose from earlier and glue them to the top of the wooden round. I finished this step by gluing a cute little button in the center of the ribbon. Finished!

How cute is this, ready to brighten up any spot in your home with a little splash of Fall.

Do you think you’ll make a Dollar Tree Happy Fall Pallet?

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