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Dollar Tree Haunted House

We all know how much I LOVE Dollar Tree, it is my favorite store! When they bring out their holiday stuff I go a little crazy and buy more then I should. I can’t resist all the unfinished wood stuff for only $1.00!! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to craft for, so when I saw these cute little blank haunted houses, I knew I needed to get one! Come see what I did with this Dollar Tree Haunted House.

First I grabbed all my supplies:

Dollar Tree Haunted House

Acrylic Paints – black, white and orange

Scrapbook paper (Hobby Lobby)


Dollar Tree Wooden Shape Stickers

Popsicle Sticks

Mod Podge

Glue Gun

First I painted the whole thing black even the back and bottom piece.

Next I lined up my popsicle sticks to each window and drew a cut line. Once I had them all lined and ready I cute them all.

Then I painted all my popsicle sticks white. Including two I used for X on the door.

After that I grabbed my wooden stickers and painted them. I painted the ghost white, the bat black and the pumpkin orange.

While those were drying, I traced my house onto the scrapbook paper, and cut it out, including the windows.

I used my Mod Podge and attached my paper to the haunted house.

I took this drying time to take my moss and my hot glue gun to glue it all over the bottom. Once I had it all glued into place I just used scissors and gave it a trim to tidy it up a bit.

I took all my painted popsicle sticks and glued them onto the windows and doors, they make such cute shutters! Then I glued my wooden stickers on.

I LOVE how this Dollar Tree Haunted House turned out. It is not super scary it’s cute scary.

The best part is I got mostly everything at Dollar Tree, so it was super inexpensive and very easy to do!

I hope you have enjoyed this project, and it inspires you to create your own! <3

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