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Dollar Tree Leaf Makeover

We all love the Dollar Tree, I mean really what is not to love!! I find the cutest stuff there for only $1.00!! Then there is times when we find something that is cute, but could be cuter! This little leaf was one of those things, so I brought it home for a makeover! Check out how cute this Dollar Tree leaf makeover turned out!

Here is the before!

So to begin this project I grabbed a can of white spray paint and spray painted it.

It already looks better!! I love how just paint can completely change the way something looks! The white looks so much better than that green color it was!

Living in New England I have TONS of acorns at my disposal! My Mom and I went outside and collected a bunch, I dried them out and glued back on any fallen caps. Grabbed a can of spray paint in gold and painted them!

Totally loving these gold acorns! To do this I just sprayed them and rolled them around while spraying to get them covered! They came out AMAZING, love them!!

At Dollar Tree found these little bags of pinecones and mini pumpkin pods, and they smell SOOOO good!! I grabbed a bag to mix in with my cute gold acorns!

I just love the way they look all mixed together, especially in the newly painted white leaf! This was a super simple project and it came out soooo cute!! It looks way more upscale than Dollar Tree! Having nice and upscale looking décor doesn’t have to cost a lot!

I hope you enjoy this project and are inspired to do your own Dollar Tree Leaf Makeover!

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  1. Love it but with my cats the acorns & pods would be all over the house, lol.

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