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Dollar Tree Lemon Sign

I am totally on lemon decor lately, I can’t help it they just make me smile! They have this warm and bright sunshiny feel…is that even a word lol? I have had this sign for a while. I had two but I made another pretty project out of the another one I had, you can see that here. This one I had no plan for…until today! I was in Dollar Tree and they had those super cute wooden lemon stickers, and then it hit me I knew what I wanted to do with the sign now! Follow along as we make this super cute Dollar Tree lemon sign!


Dollar Tree Sign

Dollar Tree Lemon Wooden Stickers

Scrapbook Paper

Yellow, Black & White Acrylics Paint

First remove the frame off the top of sign, I used my heat gun and just slowly peeled it off. Once it was off I sanded down the sign to make sure all the glue was off.

Be VERY gentle, we want to keep this nice, as we will be using it in a bit!

I painted the edge of the sign with the black acrylic paint to cover the design. I think it took two coats. If you want to use chalk paint you can, any black paint will work.

Next was painting the 3 lemons! I gave them each a coat of of white paint, once that was dry I painted the edge and the center pieces with yellow.

While your lemons dry, you can cut out your scrapbook paper. You need to cut the lemon one to fit the whole sign. The striped one you will cut to the size of the frame we took off the sign.

Once you have them cut, mod podge the lemon paper on and wait for it to dry. In the center after it is dried, mod podge on the striped paper, like the above picture.

On top of the striped paper glue back down the frame we took off earlier.

Finally glue your lemons in a row in the center of the striped paper, in the center of the frame. That is it! Done!

How stinkin’ cute is this Dollar Tree Lemon Sign!? I LOVE IT!! So bright and fun!

My brother and sister in law are buying a new house and she loves lemons, he hates them, so I am totally going to give this to her for the kitchen HAHA! Love you Bro! =P

Will you try making one?

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