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Dollar Tree Pallet Pumpkin

Dollar Tree has these cute little mini wooden pallets. I thought they would make cute little pumpkins and would look super cute on a tier tray! These are so easy to make, and really fun! Let’s make a Dollar Tree Pallet Pumpkin!


Dollar Tree Mini Wooden Pallets

Dollar Tree Wired Twine


Spanish Moss

Leaves, I just cut some off a floral stem I had

Paints in Orange and White

Optional Items- Raffia for a bow & Brown Wax if you want your pumpkins to look more rustic

Step One, paint your pumpkin pallets. One I did in orange and one I did white. If you’re only making one you can choose which color you’d like your pumpkin. I love both white and orange pumpkins, so I had to make both! Here is where you can add the brown wax and give it an aged look if you choose.

Second Step, I used my hot glue and glued the sticks (stems) on the pumpkin right in the center of the top of the pallet.

Finally, it is time to add the final details. Hot glue a small amount of spanish moss around the stem, then glue on your leaves. Then take your wired twine and cut a small piece and curl it around a pencil or even your finger and the hot glue it next to the stem, nestled into the spanish moss. FINISHED! If you would like at this point you can add a raffia bow, I decided I liked it without. I’m not much of a bow person.

How adorable are these?? I totally LOVE the way they turned out, I can not wait to decorate my tier tray for Fall!

Do you think you’ll make a Dollar Tree Pallet Pumpkin?

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  1. kathy Edwards says:

    Love doing crafts!!!

  2. Mary Hoderny says:

    Where can these “bigger” pallets be bought? I’ve been looking for them for 3years at multiple Dollar Trees in Erie Pa. None to be found

    1. Christine Lehman says:

      I will mail you some, if I find them. How many do you need? Chris

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