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Dollar Tree Patriotic Firework Arrow

I absolutely love this time of year! Not only because I love the warmer weather, but because I love the Fourth of July! I’ve made so many patriotic crafts over the years, but when I can also bring in the firework aspects of the Fourth of July into those crafts it makes it all the more fun! When I found this wooden arrow at my local Dollar Tree I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! I hope you follow along with this Dollar Tree Patriotic Firework Arrow and decide you want to give one a go too!


Dollar Tree Arrow
Star Stencil
Wooden Stars
Coffee Dyed Muslin
Rusty Star
Letter Stamps

As with every single one of my patriotic crafts, these are the same colors I use. Dark Midnight Blue, Deep Burgundy, and Almondine.

First, I taped off the top of the arrow head and painted it with the deep midnight blue paint.

Second, I used a star stencil I had on had that I liked for this project, and stenciled the stars on the arrow head using the almondine paint.

Third, I taped off the first stripe under the arrow head and painted it with the deep burgundy paint. I continued this same technique with the next stripe of almondine, until I got to the end alternating colors.

Fourth, I painted the three largest wooden stars with the deep burgundy paint. I then painted the next size star with the almondine paint. Finally, I painted the smaller stars with the deep midnight blue. There were three of each color.

Fifth, I gave a light coating of Antique Wax around the edges of the almondine colored parts.

Sixth, I painted the entire back of the arrow with the deep midnight blue paint. Once that was dry, I cut three even lengths of twine and hot glued those to the back bottom of the arrow.

Eighth, I hot glued stars onto each of the twine lengths. I made sure to have a red, white, and blue on each row across as well as down.

Ninth, I drilled a hole into each bottom corner of the arrow head. I then cut a large length of twine and knotted it through the holes to create a hanger.

Tenth, I cut a small rectangle of the coffee dyed muslin and used my letter stamps to stamp on “boom”.

Finally, I hot glued that piece of muslin to the bottom right corner of the arrow, then glued the rusty star at the corner of that.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I couldn’t be happier with this project, I love how the red, white and blue really stand out in this craft! The arrow really brings the whole theme of the patriotic firework to life too! I’m thinking I may go back to my local Dollar Tree and get a couple more of these arrow signs and make more! I Hope that you enjoyed following along with this Dollar Tree Patriotic Firework Arrow as much as I did creating it, and that you decide to give one a shot too!

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