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Dollar Tree Pumpkin Hanger

I always love to have something fun that goes with the season on my front door, it gives you anticipation of the decorations inside. So when I was poking around Dollar Tree and saw this wooden pumpkin door hanger I knew that I could doctor it up to be something amazing. Follow along with me for a Dollar Tree Pumpkin Hanger.


Wooden Pumpkin- Dollar Tree

Orange, Antique White, Green- Acrylic Paint

Grateful Cutout- Hobby Lobby

Stencil- Target




Burlap- Cut into leaf shapes


Start by drawing a line down the center of your wooden pumpkin

Paint the left side of the pumpkin with orange paint and the right side of the pumpkin with antiqu white. As always this could take a couple coats to fully cover.

While the paint on your wooden pumpkin is drying, go ahead and paint your grateful sign with the green acrylic paint

Once the pumpkin has dried, grab your stencil. Place the stencil on the line that we drew in step one. This will allow you to add some green paint to each side of the pumpkin center.

Next take your twine and wrap the pumpkin stem so it is completely covered. Make sure to pull the small piece of twine for the hanger out.

Next using some hot glue attach your grateful sign to the white side of the pumpkin

Now we are going to attach our burlap leaf cut outs to the pumpkin. Using hot glue secure them at the base of the pumpkin stem.

Next attach your sprig of berries underneath your burlap leaves. This is also secured using a dab of hot glue.

Now using your twine make a small bow and hot glue to the center of the 2 burlap leaves. With a different piece of twine make a cork screw shape and attach this piece underneath the leaves.

Next take your wooden button and paint it with your orange paint. Make sure to fully cover and set aside to dry.

While your button is drying use your raffia to make a second bow and attach it on top of the twine bow. Finally once your button is dry glue this to the center of the raffia bow.

I absolutely love how this project came out. It is so stinkin cute. Not to mention it brightens my door at home up so much. Do you think that you will make a Dollar Tree Pumpkin Hanger?

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