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Dollar Tree Sign Makeover

I saw this little sign at Dollar Tree and it was kind of cute as is, but I wanted a more Valentines Day sign. So I grabbed the sign, some of the mini wooden heart stickers, and some paints. Then I started this little Dollar Tree Sign Makeover!

Here are the supplies I used, which wasn’t a lot. The sign and wooden stickers came from Dollar Tree and the paint I had on hand! I also used some brown wax, if you don’t have that you can use some brown paint.

Painted the sign white all around the heart. I left the sides because they already had cute white hearts, and I liked the way they looked!

Take one of the pink hearts and put it right on top of the gray heart.

Here is the pink heart on top of the gray one. Next I took the brown wax and ran a small bit of it inside each groove on all 4 of them. If you happen to go over the edges a little that is ok, you can leave it or touch it up with a little white paint.

Paint one of the smaller hearts white.

Once that is dry, glue that on top of the pink heart. You should have a 3 layer heart now, one gray, one pink, one white. ALL DONE! Super cute, right?!

I love how simple and cute this is, it took minutes to make and is super cute for a tiered tray or shelf sitter. This can be left out year round also, I love projects with a dual purpose!

I hope this Dollar Tree sign makeover inspires you to make one or to just be creative!

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  1. Michelle Stephanie Walz says:

    I have never been compelled to go out & buy & do ~ until you ♡ I have saught & bought, but never tried until you. Thank you for the sprinkle of encouragement♡

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