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Dollar Tree Sign Makeover

Hey Y’all! I found this super cute sign at Dollar Tree and while I liked the sign itself I thought it could use some sprucing up! Join me in this Dollar Tree Sign Makeover!

It was really cute as is, but boring and bland. So I grabbed some sunflowers from Dollar Tree and my glue gun and got to work!

The first thing I did was pop all the head of the flowers off the stems.

Then I took my scissors and cut the pointy part off the back of each flower. I did this so the flowers would sit flat on my sign when I glued them.

The next thing I did was flip the rope that was on the sign around so it was coming through the back and not the front. I didn’t want to have to fight around it to glue the flowers on.

Once I had the flowers all cut and the hanger turned around, I started gluing my flowers to the top of the sign. I glued only on the top right over the burlap that was already there.

It absolutely love the way this turned out! A quick and EASY Dollar Tree sign makeover!! It gave this sign a whole new look, and it was just what it needed! I love Dollar Tree and some of their stuff is super cute as is, and sometimes it just needs a little something extra! 😊

Absolutely Adorable!

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