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Dollar Tree Skeleton Door Hanger

One of my favorite holidays to craft and decorate for has always been Halloween! Who doesn’t love to have something fun hanging on their door?! When I saw a metal skeleton head hanger at Dollar Tree I knew that I could turn it into a fun and spooky hanger for the door. Follow along and learn how to make a Dollar Tree Skeleton Door Hanger.


10 inch wood round (Hobby Lobby)

Dollar Tree Metal Skeleton Head

Scrapbook Paper (Joanns)

Dollar Tree Bat

Wooden Beads (8)

Ribbons (your choice)

Mod Podge

Hot Glue

Black and White Acrylic Paint

Drill and Drill Bit

We are going to start this project by taking the 10 inch round and tracing it onto the scrapbook paper.

Next your going to paint the wooden round black, also while you have your paint out you can paint the 8 beads. I put these on a paint brush and used a clothespin to hold them on to make it easier. Paint 4 of the beads white and 4 of the beads black.

For the next step we are going to take our mod podge and attach the piece of scrapbook paper that we cut out onto the wooden round.

Now take the drill and drill bit and drill 2 holes at the top of your wooden round. You want to drill these holes so that they are even to be able to hang your project when you are finished.

Take the metal skull and remove the hanger from the top of it, after doing this hot glue the skull head to the wooden round. At this point you are also going to hot glue the bat to the top of the skull head.

Take the hanger that you removed this is going to be strung through the holes that you drilled into the wooden round. String one side through the wooden round and tie it so it is secure, after doing this run your beads onto the hanger, alternating black and white. Then you are going to run the hanger through the other hole and tie it so it is secure.

The next step is to get the ribbons ready that we are going to use to make an X bow. These ribbons can be any of your choosing.

Take your ribbons and place them in an X pattern, anyway that you would like and tie them together with twine.

The above picture is what my X bow looked like when I was finished with it.

FInally you are going to attach your bow using hot glue to the top of your wooden round. I placed mine in the middle of the hanger.

This project came out so cool and it was a fun project to complete! I can’t wait to decorate my door for Halloween. Do you think you’ll try to make this Dollar Tree Skeleton Door Hanger?

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