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Dollar Tree Snowman Hat Chalk Board

So I found myself in Dollar Tree the other day, I’m sure you are all as surprised as I was. While looking through the craft section…again HUGE surprise LOL…I saw these little chalkboards. The shape of them have always reminded me of Snowmen hats, so I though to myself let me turn one into just that. Follow along with me for this Dollar Tree Snowman Hat Chalk Board.


Chalk Board- Dollar Tree

Let It Snow Cut Out- Dollar Tree

Strip of Fabric

Faux Snow-


This is Nicloe from A Frayed Knots Page on Facebook, you can find her page here-


Greenery, Berries

Glitter Snow

Paints- Black & White

Hot Glue

Start off by painting the bare wood of the chalk board with the black paint and the Let It Snow cut out with your white paint. These could each take a couple coats to fully cover.

While the paint on the Let It Snow cut out is still wet cover it with the glitter snow.

Once the black paint on your chalkboard has dried, take your strip of fabric and wrap it around the bottom of the chalkboard. This will be secured using hot glue.

Next also using hot glue attach your greenery with berries to the bottom of the chalkboard in front of the ribbon. I placed mine in one of the corners, you can place yours where ever you think it looks best.

After the paint on the Let It Snow sign has dried, hot glue the sign to the center of the chalk board.

Now use your faux snow mixture and cover the very top of the chalkboard frame and the base.

How cute did this come out?! I absolutely love it and am so happy with the final product. Do you think you will make a Dollar Tree Snowman Hat Chalk Board?

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  1. Suzy Godfrey says:

    That is so cute what a clever idea!

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