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Dollar Tree Snowman Star

As you all know I LOVE snowmen! I will attempt to create a snowman or paint a snowman on just about anything. When I was at Dollar Tree the other day, I saw this star and for whatever reason I saw a snowman project lol! Come follow alone as I make this super cute Dollar Tree Snowman Star!


Dollar Tree Double Star
Snowman Sticker or Napkin
Glitter Snow -Amazon
Snowflake Scrapbook Paper
Mini Snowflake
White Paint

First, I took my star apart, be sure you pay attention to how the hanger was on, it was a certain way so the center star would hang. Then, I cut my snowflake scrapbook paper to fit the outside star.

Second, I painted both of the star pieces white. I always try and paint under what I am using scrapbook paper on. I do this just in case I happen to be a little off on my cuts; you won’t see plain wood and the paint will help it blend in.

Third, once the paint was dry, I added my scrapbook paper to the outside star. Once you have it on be sure to pierce through the hanger holes.

Fourth, in the center star I added a snowman sticker that I got a Michaels. You can use a sticker, postcard, napkin, anything you choose that you love or have on hand.

Fifth, I took some glitter snow (you can find that here) and added it all over the center star around my sticker. While it was still wet, I added some extra glitter. I wanted it super sparkly!

Sixth, I put my center star back in the center and then added my hanger.

Finally, I added some greenery and a shiny white and silver bow at the top! For the final touch I added a little snowflake to the center of the bow! This cute project is all done!!

How absolutely adorable did this turn out?! It is so cute and was so fun to make! Do you think you’ll try and make a Dollar Tree Snowman Star?

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