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Dollar Tree Spindle Christmas Tree

I found an old headboard on the side of the road, it was filled with spindles. So, I dragged hubby in his truck to get it lol! I spent a few mins with a saw and now I have a bunch of spindles! Here is my first craft using one of the spindles! This Dollar Tree Spindle Christmas Tree was a blast to make and while it may seem like a lot it was fairly simple to put together! I hope you give this one a shot too and create the best Christmas tree to display in your home!


Old Spindle
Round Dollar Tree Plaque 
Wooden Spindle – I cut up a headboard I found on the side of the road 
Wood Glue
Drill & Bit
Red n White Ticking Fabric Strip
Rusty Star
Rusty Bell and Safety Pin
Antique Wax
Antique White Paint 
Red Berry Bowl & Vase Filler – Hobby Lobby
Greenery Stems – Dollar Tree

First, I drilled a hole large enough into the skinnier side of the spindle that will be large enough to fit the bottom of the tree through it.

Second, I also drilled a hole into the round Dollar Tree plaque.

Third, I used the Antique Wax and coated both the spindle and the round plaque.

Fourth, I filled the newly drilled hole in the round plaque with wood glue and I screwed the spindle into it.

Fifth, I painted the entire thing with the antique white paint.

Sixth, once the spindle and the round plaque dried I lightly sanded it to give it the aged look.

Seventh, I inserted the tree into the top of the spindle where I had drilled the hole. I removed the bracket on the bottom of the tree where it would slide into the stands. Once that was removed you end up with an aluminum pole, which you can squish with pliers to make smaller to place into the drilled hole if needed.

Eighth, I used the red and white ticking fabric and tied a large bow at the base of the tree. I then used the rusty safety pin and secured the rusty bell to the bow.

Ninth, I used the the red berry bowl and vase filler and secured them around the whole tree.

Finally, I secured the rusty star atop of the tree.

Here’s the Dollar Tree Spindle Christmas Tree all finished, how do you think it turned out? I absolutely love how this tuned out and can’t wait to put it on my end table to display this holiday season! It just brings so much joy to the room with the pop of the red berries and the beautiful star on top! I really hope you can get one of these made for your holiday season this year as well! Merry Christmas!

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