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Dollar Tree Succulent Planters

Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores to find crafting supplies at. They seem to have an endless supply of items I can transform into my own ideas. When I found these abstract shapes at my local Dollar Tree, I couldn’t resist getting them. I knew they would make an awesome planter, and with the small hole in the bottom it was absolutely perfect for making these Dollar Tree Succulent Planters!


Dollar Tree Abstract Shape 
Spanish Moss

First, I flipped the abstract shapes upside down so the hole was at the top.

Second, I stuffed a bunch of the Spanish Moss into each of the holes.

Finally, I chose a succulent for each holder and placed it inside the hole with the Spanish Moss.

Here they are all finished, how do you think they turned out? I absolutely love them, and couldn’t be happier with the end result! These Dollar Tree Succulent Planters took me basically no time at all to put together and they look beautiful. What more could you ask for then an amazing finished project? I hope you enjoyed this DIY and decide that you want to give them a try too! I’ll be sending these to my craft booth on my next journey over.

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