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Dollar Tree Tag Pumpkin

While I was at Dollar Tree looking through the store for something to create a fall looking pumpkin, I came across this wooden tag! The tag had almost the ideal shape to make my pumpkin with. I couldn’t wait to get home and put my ideas to work and see how it turned out! I hope you like it and give this Dollar Tree Tag Pumpkin a shot too!


Dollar Tree Wooden Tag
Napkin – My Shop
Mod Podge
Antique Wax
Antique White Paint
Wood Stem
Leaf Cutout – Dollar Tree

First, I used Antique Wax around the outer edge of the wooden tag.

Second, I used the sparkling to fill in the hole from the tag hanger. Let dry.

Third, after the spackle was dry, I used the Antique White paint to cover the front and back of the wooden tag.

Fourth, once the paint dried, I used Mod Podge to glue on the fall napkin. I did this on the front and back of the wooden tag. Then I sanded off the excess napkin and Mod Podged back over the napkin. When that was dry, I used Antique wax again over the edge and over the napkin.

Fifth, I hot glued on the wooden stem and the excelsior.

Sixth, I used raffia and tied a bow around the stem. I then hot glued a button to the center of the bow.

Finally, I hot glued the leaf cut out on the top.

Here is the finished project, which I think ended up better than I imagined! Pumpkins, changing leaves and that fall feel are really fun to create with, and this Dollar Tree Tag Pumpkin was a blast to make! I hope you give it a try and make one too

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  1. I love this craft tag, however, I’m wondering how many tags were actually used? It looks as if several were glued together. I’ve never seen a craft tag so thick before. I would love to make some of these! Thanks!

    Happy Fall!

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