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Dollar Tree Valentine Frame

After crafting for the Christmas holiday, my next favorite is Valentines Day! I found this frame at Dollar Tree and knew I could turn this boring piece into something spectacular for the Valentine holiday! There were so many ideas I had for it, and ended up deciding on this Dollar Tree Valentine Frame. I hope you follow along and enjoy it enough to give one a try too!


Dollar Tree Frame
Dollar Tree Rub On Transfers
3 Wooden Hearts
Pink and White Chalk Paint

First, I used a razor blade and scraped off the “dream” letters from the glass.

Second, I painted on some pink chalk paint to the back of the glass. I didn’t completely cover the glass, I just spread it enough to cover the entire center. This took 2 coats, letting dry between each coat.

Third, I painted all three of the wooden hearts with the white chalk paint.

Fourth, I covered each of the hearts with the Dollar Tree transfers, and then sanded off the extra from the edges.

Fifth, I used some of the extra Dollar Tree transfers and placed them around the edges of the pink chalk paint.

Finally, I hot glued the hearts to the front of the glass along the center.

Here is the final result, how do you think it turned out? I couldn’t be happier with how this came out, and how much more fun it is then the original frame. This is the perfect Valentines decoration to hang, and I hope you enjoyed it enough to give one a try for yourselves too! When I make my next trip to my craft booth, this Dollar Tree Valentine Frame will be with that next load of crafts to go in!

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