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Dollar Tree Vase Sign

There isn’t anything better for me than a trip to Dollar Tree to come up with new DIY ideas! I get in there and start putting things together in the aisles, and matching things up, people probably think I am crazy. I am truly ok with that haha! Well I saw this frame and my wheels started turning and I came up with this super cute idea! It actually came out more amazing than I had planned, I truly love it! Come see how I made this Dollar Tree vase sign!

Here are the supplies:

Dollar Tree Sign

Dollar Tree Travel Pack Bottles

Scrapbook Paper, Hobby Lobby


Brown Wax

Acrylics Paints, Off White, Sage Green, Black


Small Button

1, I used a small scraper and my heat gun to remove the black frame from the sign. Then I painted the edges of the sign black to cover the design on it.

2, I laid the sign on the scrapbook paper and cut it out and then mod podged it onto the sign.

3, I painted the inside frame with the sage green, it took two coats. Then I painted one of the travel size bottle with the off white, that also took two coats. Allow to dry in between coats of paint, I use my blow dryer to dry the paint, I am super impatient LOL!

4, using the brown wax dry brush it on the bottle, the inside frame and the sign itself. You can do this as light or dark as you choose.

5, glue your inside frame back onto the sign, I just used hot glue for this.

6, I took twine and wrapped it around the whole top of the bottle and then tied a bow and added a pink button, to pull the pink color from the paper.

The final step is to glue your bottle onto the sign right at the bottom of the inside frame. For this I just used hot glue, the travel bottles are so light hot glue will hold it just fine. Once you have that glued on add your flowers, and you are DONE!!

This just turned out AMAZING, beyond what I had even imagined!!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and that it inspires you to make one!

I adore this Dollar Tree vase sign, you would never even know this was from Dollar Tree!

It is so vintage shabby chic! <3

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  1. Where did the black/brown line on the paper come in? Is it twine?

  2. Oh my gosh you never cease to amaze me with you awesome ideas!! <3

  3. Diana Strauss says:

    You are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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