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Dollar Tree Vintage Halloween Box

Crafting and decorating for Halloween is always so much fun, I love being able to create cute crafts and adding a little spooky in every once in awhile. I truly am becoming obsessed with vintage style mixed media! So when I was at Dollar Tree the other day and saw all these cute supplies I knew I could make them into something fun. Follow me and learn how to make your own Dollar Tree Vintage Halloween Box.


Round Box, Candle Holder, Tree, Spanish Moss, Skeleton, Spider, Bats- Dollar Tree

Scrapbook Paper- Hobby Lobby

Stamp- Had on Hand

Burlap- Had on Hand

Jumbo Craft Stick- Wal Mart

Acrylic Paint- Black

Hot Glue

Mod Podge

The first step in this project is to paint the Candle Holder and the Round Box with the black acrylic paint.

Once the paint on the Round Box is dry, grab your scrapbook paper. I used 3 different designs, you can choose whatever paper you would like. I measured the width of the Round Box and the lid as well as the top of the box shown in the pictures above.

After I cut out my scrapbook paper, I attached it using Mod Podge to the Round Box.

Next I used hot glue to attach the Candle Holder to the bottom of the Round Box.

Once the glue from the Candle Holder is dry, you are going to attach the tree to the top of the Round box with hot glue.

Once again using your hot glue, attach the Skeleton to the top of the Round Box.

Next attach the Bats to the Tree using a small amount of hot glue. You can place them wherever you would like on the Tree.

Now using hot glue attach the Spider to the bottom front of the Candle Holder.

Now we are going to make a sign using the craft stick. Cut the craft stick down to size, and cover with burlap. Once the burlap is attached, place a small piece of scrapbook paper on the front and apply the stamp to the paper. Then attach your other Spider and glue the sign to the Round Box. During this step is when you will want to add the small amount of Spanish Moss underneath the Tree.

This project was super fun to make and I really enjoyed it. Making Halloween crafts always excites me, especially when the are so easy and come out just as I had pictured them in my head. Do you think you will try to make your own Dollar Tree Vintage Halloween Box?

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