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Dollar Tree Wicked Witch Hat

So if you could even imagine that I found myself strolling the craft aisles of Dollar Tree the other day, imagine that LOL. When I spotted these adorable wooden witch hats I knew that I could transform them into something even more eye catching. Follow along with me and learn how to make your very own Dollar Tree Wicked Witch Hat.


Scrapbook Paper- Hobby Lobby and Joanns

Witch Hat- Dollar Tree

Wicked Cut Out- Dollar Tree

Acrylic Paint- Orange and Black

Mod Podge

Sanding Sponge for removing excess paper off edges

Step 1 of this project is to trace your scrapbook paper over the slats of the Witch Hat. I alternated my scrapbook paper designs on my hat. You can use your scrapbook paper however you would like.

Step 2, paint your Witch Hat. I used the black acrylic paint, this can take up to 2 coats. Make sure that you cover the entire hat.

Step 3, once the paint is dry on your Witch Hat, grab your scrapbook paper cut outs. You are going to attach them to your Witch Hat using the Mod Podge.

Step 4 is to paint your Wicked sign. I used orange for the sign itself and black for the little witch hat with a little orange stripe to help make it stand out. This will take 2 coats, and again make sure to cover the entire sign.

Step 5, after the paint on your sign is dry you are going to attach to the Witch Hat using hot glue. You may place this on your hat however you see fit. With this final step your Witch Hat is complete.

This Witch Hat came out so stinking cute. Just enough spooky to brighten up a in home Halloween display. I had a lot of fun making mine and I hope you will too. Do you think you will make Dollar Tree Wicked Witch Hat?

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