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Dollar Tree Winter Birdhouse

Who doesn’t love decorating birdhouses, I know that I do, especially when I can incorporate them with the Holiday season. So when I was at Dollar Tree, Okay maybe I have a slight obsession LOL, and saw this adorable little birdhouse I knew that I could add some things to it to make it click just right for winter/Christmas. Follow along with me and learn how to make your own Dollar Tree Winter Birdhouse.


Birdhouse- Dollar Tree

Candle Stick- Dollar Tree

White and red chalk paint


Floral Picks

Greenery Stem- Dollar Tree (what we make the wreath out of)

Silver Ribbon

Silver Beads

Snowflake- Hobby Lobby

Hot Glue

I started by painting the roof and bottom base of the birdhouse white, I also painted the candle stick holder white. The main birdhouse I painted red. This will take a couple coats of paint for both colors to make sure that you cover everything fully.

While the white paint is still wet on the candlestick holder and the birdhouse we are going to cover it in the glitter. This gives a “snowy” look to the craft.

Once the paint and the glitter is dry on both the candlestick and the birdhouse, we are going to attach them to each other. Using your hot glue gun run a bead of glue around the top of the candlestick and place the birdhouse on top.

Now we are going to take the greenery stem and make it into a cute little wreath. I just simply bent it into a round shape for this step and attached the ends to itself.

Now you’re going to make a simple bow out of your silver ribbon. Once the bow is made using hot glue attach this to the top of your wreath and attach some of your beads around the front of your mini wreath also with the hot glue. Once you have completed the wreath you can now attach this to the front of the birdhouse.

Now grab your greenery stem, again using your hot glue take this piece and attach it to the front bottom of the candlestick holder.

This craft was so fun to make, and came out super cute. I had so much fun making it and am excited to show it off during this holiday season. Do you think you will try to make a Dollar Tree Winter Birdhouse?

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  1. Miss Daisy says:

    It is February as winter is my favorite season i’m going to make several and keep them out year round so thank you.

  2. Meg Laudicina says:

    Love this! So adorable. Im going to make some of these for next years Christmas gifts and add a red cardinal to the white roof top to honor our loved ones we have lost thru out the years. Beautiful! Thank you for the idea.

  3. Mandy Williams says:

    Incredibly cute! I can’t wait to give it a try.

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