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Fall Sunflower Bed Spring

Let’s mix the old with the new! I love having flowers around the house whether they are fresh or fake it always brightens up a space. Sunflowers are one of my absolute favorite flowers so whenever I can include them in a project, I go for it. This little project came out so cute and is SO easy!! I hope you all enjoy it. Follow along with me to lsee how to make this Fall Sunflower Bed Spring.


Old Bed Spring-Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, Antique Stores, Yard Sales

Sunflower & Berries- Hobby Lobby


Fall Tag- Hobby Lobby

Start by taking your sunflower and tying it to one side of your bed spring with the twine. Be sure to tie it tightly you don’t want it to come off. When you’re done cut off excess twine.

Next add the berries behind the sunflower. These are attached also using the twine.

Go ahead and add the Fall Tag to the front of the bed spring. This is attached again using the twine and then I tied the twine into a bow. You could use ribbon if you choose, make it your own.

This came out super cute and can be fit into any room in the house. I love mixing the old with the new and creating unique pieces of decor for my home. It was so easy to put together and could be a fun project to do with the kids as well. You can use any kind of flower and create a piece that matches your decor style. Do you think you will make a Fall Sunflower Bed Spring?

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