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Fall Tier Tray Sign

I’m super excited to share this project with you all. I found an adorable wooden house shape at Dollar Tree, these are NEW!! So, I grabbed a few and instantly the creative wheels started turning. I knew I could turn this into an awesome Fall decoration, follow along with me and learn how to make a Fall Tier Tray Sign of your own for the upcoming season!!


Wooden House Shape (Dollar Tree)

Pumpkin (Dollar Tree)

Hello Fall Wood Cut Out (Dollar Tree)

Scrapbook Paper (Hobby Lobby)

Leaves (Hobby Lobby)


Mini Pine Cone

Paint- Black

Hot Glue Gun


Antique Wax (Hobby Lobby)

Mod Podge

The first step in this project is going to be to paint your Wooden House Shape. I used black paint for this step and I think it tied everything together well for the final product.

After the paint on the wooden house shape is dry we are going to trace the shape of the house onto the back of the scrapbook paper. Once this is cut out we are going to attach the scrapbook paper to the wooden house using the Mod Podge.

Next step you are going to grab your pumpkin and a different design of scrap book paper. Trace the pumpkin onto the scrapbook paper and cut out the shape. You are then going to attach the cut out to the pumpkin using the Mod Podge.

Now grab your Hello Fall sign and cover it with the Antique Wax, this gives the sign a nice distressed look.

Once the Antique wax is dry, grab your wooden house, pumpkin and Hello Fall sign. We are going to hot glue the pumpkin to the wooden house and then hot glue the Hello Fall sign to the pumpkin.

While you still have the hot glue gun out we are going to take some Spanish moss and add it to the top of the pumpkin, Next take some raffia and make a rustic looking bow for the top of your pumpkin. Grab your leaves and mini pine cone for the next step.

Finally we are going to take the leaves and hot glue some of them to the top of the wooden house, then in the center of the leaves hot glue a mini pine cone.

Your project is complete and ready to be displayed. How awesome looking did this come out?! I love it and am super excited to put it on display for the upcoming season. Do you think you will try to make a Fall Tier Tray Sign?

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  1. This is absolutely adorable, yet so simple! I’m hoping I can still find some of the supplies in my local DT, even though it’s mid-November! Can’t wait to make this to use next fall! Thanks for the inspiration.

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