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Fall Wall Hanging

Check out this cute Fall wall hanging! I had most of the supplies on hand and you may too!

If you don’t have the supplies on hand, they are EASY to get!

Supplies for Fall Wall Hanging:

(I added a picture below of supplies also)

Scrap Board- mine is 14 inches long x 3 1/2 inches wide

Floral – your choice, I chose a Daisy which I got at Dollar Tree

Scrapbook Paper- One that matches the floral you chose

Stick- I found mine in my yard

Moss- Dollar Tree

Burlap Leave Pick- Joann’s is where I got mine. You can always cut your own or use the leaves from the floral you picked out.

Mod Podge- Hobby Lobby ( I had some already on hand)

Brown Wax- Hobby Lobby (I also had this on hand)

Step 1 Fall Wall Hanging

Prepping the board, you are going to use the was for this step. Apply the wax on the whole board using a paint brush or a rag (don’t forget the sides and the top and bottom), then take a clean rag or paper towel and wipe off the excess. That should leave you with a nice stained piece of wood.

Step 2 Fall Wall Hanging

We are going to add the scrapbook paper, now I know the paper isn’t the whole length of the board, that is ok! We stained the wood for that very reason! You are going to trace the board just for width not length. Line the wood on the paper and then use a pencil to mark it and then cut the paper. Once it is cut, apply the Mod Podge to the center of the board and place the scrapbook paper on it and smooth it out. There will be about 1 inch of wood left at the top and bottom if you place the scrapbook paper in the center, that is what you want.

Step 3 Fall Wall Hanging

Glue your stick to the board using a hot glue gun, place it in the center just like the scrapbook paper. Then you can glue the moss to the bottom of the stick.

Step 4 Fall Wall Hanging

I pulled one of the flowers off my floral I choose. It has a stem left when you pull it off, take your scissors and cut that flush. This will help it sit evenly on the board. Once you have it cut, use the glue gun and attach it to the top of the stick.

Step 5 Fall Wall Hanging

We are going to add the burlap leaves, you can either cut some or use a pick like I did. I just cut off two leaves and glued them slightly under the stick on each side.

Step 6 Fall Wall Hanging

This is the last step, I used my glue gun to attach a small hanger to the back of my board. Yay, you are all done! We created a fun Fall Wall Hanging!

This was so simple, fun and CUTE!! I love the way it turned out! You can do this so many different ways and for any season, just changing the type of floral and scrapbook paper!


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