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Hobby Lobby Easter Bunny

With Easter just a couple weeks away, let’s get some last minute crafts done to make the house extra festive for the holiday. I know in my house crafts are always a big topic of discussion so I like to display a few for when I have family over. Follow along with me for a Hobby Lobby Easter Bunny DIY.


Wooden Bunny- Hobby Lobby

Scrapbook Paper

White Paint

White Pompom


Mod Podge

Hot Glue

First take your wooden bunny and paint over it with your white paint. This will take a couple coats and make sure to completely cover the entire bunny.

Once your paint has dried on your bunny, grab your scrapbook paper. We are going to trace the bunny onto the back of the scrapbook paper. Once your tracing is complete cut out the bunny shape.

Next take your Mod Podge and cover the front of the bunny. Once you have applied the Mod Podge attach your scrapbook paper cut out.

Now that our scrapbook paper is attached we are going to give this cute little fella a tale. Using a small amount of hot glue attach your white pompom to the bunny.

Finally using your hot glue again, add your ribbon bow to the neck area of the bunny. With this last step your bunny is complete.

This little guy came out so super cute. It was easy and quick to make, and would be a simple craft to do with the kids. You can always use a different scrapbook paper to tune into your decor and style. Do you think you will make a Hobby Lobby Easter Bunny?

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  1. Linda Welling says:

    Hi, This bunny is so cute, I bought it before Easter it’s getting this look! Thank you for the cute idea!

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