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My Thrift Treasures

If you have been following me for any period of time; you will know I LOVE thrifting, flea markets, yard sales and rescuing treasures off the side of the road. This past week and weekend I scored some AMAZING treasures! So many great finds and some were even FREE!! My house may be overflowing with all my treasures, but it truly makes me happy and that is all that matters. I may however need a bigger house haha!! Come see all My Thrift Treasures!!


This treasure was soooo great and I didn’t even find it my hubby did!!! Wow, look at all those Scrabble letters, the whole jar full was only $3.50, I had to grab it!! DEAL!!

Everything here was $1.00 and under! Those mason jar are so stinking cute and ONLY $1!! I had to take home the little watermelon slice, it was just too cute and would look cute in a summer tier tray! An old ladle, they are cute attached to some scrap wood and then add a candle or a bird nest. The fabric is perfect for Christmas, Valentines Day and Patriotic crafts! I also loved the little blue wooden star, I can use it for some Patriotic project or even Christmas.

Here are more $1 treasures! I have so many ideas for each one! How adorable is the little copper pitcher?! That star candle holder is so cute!! I love the enamel ware pot!! Those picture frames and the candle holder both have such great detail, they will be fun to make over! I am undecided though if I want to paint the candle holder, I love it as is, but I feel like the design and detail is so lost in the brown color. What do you think, paint of no paint?

So many more treasures!! That birdhouse is SUPER cute, it needs to be redone the colors are a little off for my liking. The watering can is soo cute, it is made to hang on the wall, which I will do. I’m thinking of painting something on the front, maybe a flag or just a star…I want to keep it simple. Loving the little galvanized planter that will be cute with soemthing planted in it. Then that galvanized and rusty bucket is just the cutest thing, I adore it! It could be used all year round and change out the florals for each season, I also was thinking how cute it would look filled with pussy willows!! Ahhh, so many ideas!!

One of my FAVORITE finds was this little guy!! He is so AWESOME!! I am currently doing a gnome garden and when I found him I knew he would be perfect for it!! I believe he is supposed to be an incense burner, but not anymore lol!

Found this cute little plant stand for $5! I will put it out on my porch with a cute little plant on it! I have pondered the thought of painting it, it is kind of dark for my liking, we will see it may grow on me.

I’m a sucker for an old box of any kind, and this was just too cute to pass up! It is HUGE! It is dated but I plan on painting it, I was thinking soemthing Patriotic! What do you think?

Last but not least this wheelbarrow was FREE!! yes, I said FREE! It is in perfect shape too! My Hubby is a driver and he found it while at work on the side of the road….SCORE!! He earned some serious brownie points with this one!! I can not wait to put some cute plants in it for summer, and OH MY how cute will this be for Fall decorating!! =)

Well, that is it for now! I am always treasure hunting so there will be more to come! This week was a great treasure hunting week, and always FUN!! I hope you enjoyed My Thrift Treasures!! If you did check out more below!




I hope you enjoyed My Thrift Treasures! Be sure to check out my other posts with more thrift store finds!

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